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Mountain Mama and Her Girls

I live in the Pocono Mountains and I love it here. During the week my husband heads to work and my three older children are at school. I hang out with my two year old daughter Lula and Bernese Mountain Dog (puppy) Coco. We have many adventures. If we are not outdoors exploring we are inside creating and having fun. Many times cooking and trying out new recipes. Have a peek inside my world:)


Lula having fun playing Peek-A-Boo


Coco on my front porch


Lula looking for animals:)


Lula loved this guy


Coco’s first winter!


Catch me Mama!


Coco on watch!


Lula joining me on the front porch in the morning as I enjoy a cup of coffee and she says”cheese”!


Coco in our back yard


Best buddies in the kitchen while Mama cooks


Patiently awaiting a treat!


Lula sneaking Kale Chips!



Lula having some deep thoughts


Halloween Is Back On!


It is a new day in The Pocono Mountains today. A day of joy, peace and relief. Children in all townships can Trick or Treat tonight because Eric Frein,┬áthe 31-year-old accused of killing one state trooper and wounding another outside the police barracks has been captured. He was found at an abandoned airport Thursday, they shackled him with handcuffs belonging to Cpl. Bryon Dickson, the state trooper he allegedly fatally shot on September 12. Frein was taken away in the slain officer’s car.

It has been a nightmare that has lasted weeks which included heavy police presence, lockdowns and canceled events including a Halloween Parade that was supposed to celebrate its 50th year.

Last night, after Frein’s capture we heard the familiar sounds of helicopters above that all of us in this area have grown so accustomed to. It took a moment to sink in that it was not because they were searching for him, the search was over.

My children said it was a great feeling that they could trick or treat tonight without worrying. I have to say they are not alone with that sentiment.