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How To Generate A Positive Body Image In Our Children

I believe this is such an important subject. Negative body image can lead to eating disorders, depression and a lifetime of poor self esteem. It is our job as parents to foster a healthy and positive outlook when it comes to our bodies. Here are some tips on how we can do just that!
  • Never call yourself fat or say negative things about your body.
  • Talk about what your body can do not just how it looks
  • Value people for who they are, not how they look
  • When you see someone in public or on TV that is not a size “2” but looks wonderful, point out how beautiful they look
  • Keep healthy food choices in the home and cook with fresh ingredients
  • Show your children how they can enjoy treats such as ice cream in moderation
  • Talk about how healthy eating is good for our bodies and has nothing to do with our weight, but rather how it helps our body work
  • Spend time daily doing a physical activity with your child, this will energize them
  • Refrain from making comments such as ” she is so fat”, “those jeans make you look skinny”, “you need to lose weight”, “I need to wear my fat pants today”
  • Speak positively about your body
  • Tell them that they look healthy and strong and beautiful