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50 Ways To Praise A Child…The Wisdomed Wife Way!

  1. Wow
  2. Way to go
  3. Super
  4. You’re Special
  5. Outstanding
  6. Excellent
  7. You are compassionate
  8. You are a leader
  9. You are a great role model
  10. Remarkable
  11. I knew you could do it
  12. I’m proud of you
  13. Super star
  14. Nice work
  15. Looking good
  16. Dynamite
  17. How smart
  18. You are so creative
  19. Bravo
  20. You’re catching on
  21. That’s the ticket
  22. Beautiful
  23. Hurray for you
  24. Now you’re flying
  25. Well Done
  26. You’re on target
  27. You’re unique
  28. Nothing can stop you now
  29. Spectacular
  30. Great discovery
  31. I like you
  32. You figured it out
  33. Hip Hip Hurray
  34. You’re a real trooper
  35. You matter
  36. You are important
  37. Magnificent
  38. You are funny
  39. What a good listener
  40. I trust you
  41. I enjoy spending time with you
  42. What an imagination
  43. You belong
  44. You make me laugh
  45. You tried hard
  46. You’re sensational
  47. You’re growing up
  48. You brighten my day
  49. You are responsible
  50. I love you

Maine Forever



The other day my husband and I were trying to have a conversation with our children about our plans for the summer. Our summer plans since 1997 have been Maine.


We have made many friends there and it is our tradition.



We thought that maybe our children have tired of it and thought  they would like to travel to some new spots.



Well, we were dead wrong. It set our two oldest children into a tailspin. These were some of their comments in between terror and tears.


What do you mean no Maine?, We have to go to Maine…it is not summer without Maine. I hate you, I can’t believe you are doing this to us. I don’t care about seeing the world, I just care about Maine.


My husband and I looked at each other and shrugged…and I said ” Okay. Maine Forever!”.


Thoughts of Maine

Maine is always on my mind but it has been present even more so these past days. One because they just got a good bit of snow and two because my son wrote a nice paper on his adventures there for school. Each summer we leave the mountains of Pennsylvania and head to rocky Mid-Coast Maine. Here are just a few photos of our adventures. I will post more from time to time.



















Mountain Mama and Her Girls

I live in the Pocono Mountains and I love it here. During the week my husband heads to work and my three older children are at school. I hang out with my two year old daughter Lula and Bernese Mountain Dog (puppy) Coco. We have many adventures. If we are not outdoors exploring we are inside creating and having fun. Many times cooking and trying out new recipes. Have a peek inside my world:)


Lula having fun playing Peek-A-Boo


Coco on my front porch


Lula looking for animals:)


Lula loved this guy


Coco’s first winter!


Catch me Mama!


Coco on watch!


Lula joining me on the front porch in the morning as I enjoy a cup of coffee and she says”cheese”!


Coco in our back yard


Best buddies in the kitchen while Mama cooks


Patiently awaiting a treat!


Lula sneaking Kale Chips!



Lula having some deep thoughts


Thanks Mom!

I am just settling in now after driving home from Cheer and Karate.  I absolutely adore the moment when my children walk out and see me and they tell me about what they accomplished. A new technique they learned, a pain they felt. How Shihan was proud. How Coach was tough. The stories, the excitement. That being in the moment and absolute feeling of being alive. I see it in their faces…I feel their appreciation. Their telling without saying. Thanks for taking the time to ask me how it was, for driving me back and forth, for going without so we can have this experience. Thanks Mom!




My father-in-law died suddenly last month…it was sad and shocking and everything death is expected to be. My parents have been gone for years now, and my children never did get the chance to meet my dad.

As I sat this morning with my sweet little 2-year-old girl Lula she said “Mommy, See-Saw” I began to sing and she rocked back and forth ” See saw, knock on the door who’s there?”and Lula said the next word…”Grandpa”. The word startled me…it made me feel so completely sad and empty. Sadder than I was when I found out he passed or at his funeral.

There are no more Grandpa’s left for my children. My 2-year-old will never know him as my older children did. The loving, funny, big, strong Grandpa. The one that had all of the goodies to eat in the house even though Grandma prefered that they remain on the shelf at the store. The man who sang so beautifully to Harry Chapin songs and looked straight into your eyes when you told a story. The heartbeat of our family was gone.

I looked at my little girl and I felt so very sad for her that she would not remember him…we continued on with our rhyme and she giggled and laughed and when we were done she said “Again, mommy again.”

So, again and again, we sang..and each time that we said “Grandpa” It became easier…I could feel the sadness leaving replaced by warmth. The warmth I would feel when I saw his gentle smile and sparkling eyes.

And then I said ” Lula…again?”

Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Screwing It All Up?

Do you ever feel like you are screwing it all up? This parenting thing…this being a good wife thing? I am pretty sure most days that I am. It starts in the morning when I come to find there are no clean school approved pants for my son. The ones that I remembered the night before to throw in the wash but they never made it to the dryer. Or, how about the mornings when we miss the bus and I need to drive my children to school… The morning when I am wearing my leopard pajama bottoms and I do not have a bra on and the male gym teacher decides this morning is the perfect morning to approach my car and chat. Or maybe it is a cold winter day and I am having a meaningful conversation with a mom at the bus stop only to find that I have a half eaten lollipop stuck to my hat? Yes this is me…humble, authentic, dorky me…but the best part of it all is that I do not take myself too seriously and I roll with it. I am doing my best. It is very true that most days my husbands socks do not match and my childrens carved pumpkins do not look like anything that remotely resembles the ones that I have seen on the cover of a magazine. And that damned Elf…I dread his return and I almost always forget to move him and need to make up some far fetched story. But regardless of all these things my husband and children think I am pretty great…and that’s enough for me!