Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Screwing It All Up?

Do you ever feel like you are screwing it all up? This parenting thing…this being a good wife thing? I am pretty sure most days that I am. It starts in the morning when I come to find there are no clean school approved pants for my son. The ones that I remembered the night before to throw in the wash but they never made it to the dryer. Or, how about the mornings when we miss the bus and I need to drive my children to school… The morning when I am wearing my leopard pajama bottoms and I do not have a bra on and the male gym teacher decides this morning is the perfect morning to approach my car and chat. Or maybe it is a cold winter day and I am having a meaningful conversation with a mom at the bus stop only to find that I have a half eaten lollipop stuck to my hat? Yes this is me…humble, authentic, dorky me…but the best part of it all is that I do not take myself too seriously and I roll with it. I am doing my best. It is very true that most days my husbands socks do not match and my childrens carved pumpkins do not look like anything that remotely resembles the ones that I have seen on the cover of a magazine. And that damned Elf…I dread his return and I almost always forget to move him and need to make up some far fetched story. But regardless of all these things my husband and children think I am pretty great…and that’s enough for me!

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