Dating Wisdom From A Married Chick

I have been married for 16 years… Here’s some advice for my single friends!
Do not look for another person to complete you. This will never happen. You need to complete you, it is not possible for any other person to do this.
Do not even consider for a second a person that is unavailable, whether it be by marriage or being emotionally unavailable. STAY AWAY!
Stay far away from anyone with an addiction whether it be alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling. You cannot fix them. Don’t even try.
Like someone for the person they are. Do not say oh I like this but maybe that will change. If you don’t like them and accept them as is then move on.
Be yourself. Do not pretend to like a sport a hobby etc, if you do not. Be authentic. The truth will come out.
Pay attention to how he/she treats others especially their parents, wait staff, cashiers. If they are not kind to them, they are not a good person.
Do not settle. You are important and valuable. You deserve someone that treats you with respect and spends time with you.
Get a life! Stay busy…do not allow your partner to define you. You are much more attractive when you have your own hobbies and interests.
Men specifically love the hunt…make them work for it. Do not be at their every beck and call!
Do not smother them. Let them have their space and go out with their friends. Leave them be. They will appreciate it and want to be with you even more.
Be open but at the same time keep them guessing.
Do not put yourself down or constantly be negative…it is a major turn off.
Take your time…do not rush sex. It is worth the wait.
Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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