10 Tips to Create More Joy and Togetherness In Your Family

Life is busy…we are all over scheduled with work, school, sports, dance classes, etc.  It can take a toll on us. Here are some tips on how to regroup and bring some joy and togetherness back to your family,
1. Eat meals together…I know this is not always easy but it really does make a difference. This is a time to be together without any outside distractions and share a meal and stories about your day with each other. In my family this is a phone free and television free time.
2. Plan and prepare meals together- let your children get involved in all aspects of the meal planning and preparing. Find a recipe. Make a list of what you will need. Shop for the items together. Prepare the meal together. This is such a wonderful learning experience and bonding time.
3.Get outside and explore. Geocaching is a great way to do this and lots of fun. Play a game of soccer, rake leaves or take a walk or bike ride.
4. Teach faith…in our family we go to church. If you do not go to church or temple or the like, there are still many ways to teach faith. Show them to believe in something…God, nature, Mother Earth, but most importantly themselves.
5. Volunteer together…this is an enriching experience. Get in touch with your local soup kitchens, hospitals, churches etc and find opportunities for your family to volunteer together.
6. Have family rituals…family movie night, game night, bowling night…you name it! The goal is to spend time together and have fun.
7. Do chores together. Work around the house together as a team. Give everyone an age appropriate chore to do and spend an hour doing chores together. Make it fun by blasting some music!
8. Dance together. In our house we love to play music and dance around the kitchen together…it is so much fun and relieves stress.
9. Learn something new together. Find things that each family member is interested in learning, maybe it is learning to play a new instrument or learning how to ski. Learn together as a family, it will be very rewarding.
10. Ask your children to teach you what they learn. When children come home from school  ask them to teach you what they learned that day. This shows them that you are interested in their day and allows them to practice the skills that they learned.

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