The Little Green Suitcase

I have four children two boys and two girls. My boys are 13 and 5. My girls are 10 and 2. My 5 year old boy is adopted. He was born is our local hospital…addicted to drugs. He had a daunting start. He lived in multiple foster homes prior to coming to live with us. This decision to adopt a little boy with special needs  for sure was not an easy one and if I knew back then what I know now I would have taken pause. It took lots of work to convince my husband that this choice of adoption was a good one…but for me, it was simple because I go with my heart… in the end he said yes.

The day came for me to go pick up my son. I was to meet his foster family in a fast food restaurant parking lot. They handed him to me with a little green suitcase…it was old and ragged and smelled of cigarettes. He was dirty and unkept and blank. The contents of the suitcase were unsuitable for any little boy.

The little green suitcase and the sweet little boy changed my life forever. I keep that suitcase and I always will, as it reminds me of what could have been if my husband had not said yes.


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